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About Postini

What is Postini?

Postini is the industry's leading provider of email security for the enterprise.  Awarded PC Magazine's Editors' Choice award for best corporate anti-spam service, Postini's flagship Perimeter Manager protects and secures the email systems of over 1,600 enterprises from malicious email attacks including spam, viruses, and Directory Harvest Attacks.  Using Postini's high performance heuristics engine and secure processing infrastructure, the Postini enterprise messaging security platform guarantees 99.999% availability and provides a comprehensive set of policy-based email filtering tools and detailed real-time reports for email administrators who require the highest level of visibility and control of their email systems.

Postini services secure and manage email systems, without the need for software or hardware.  Using patent-pending pass-through technology (versus store-and-forward methods), email bound for a company's email server is processed in real-time through a highly secure service architecture.

Within milliseconds, Postini's award-winning email security solution separates spam and viruses from legitimate messages.  Legitimate email is instantly passed on to the destination mail server.  Suspicious email can either be quarantined in a web-based, password-protected message center for administrator or end-user review, or tagged and delivered.  The entire process is fully automated and virtual– valid emails are not stored or written to disk, nor are they physically accessed by any persons other than the recipient or authorized administrator.